Professional public funding consultancy

We identify and support our clients to obtain a financing for projects and development investments from European funds and other sources and programs

The European Funding Alliance is a leading grant advisory with offices across Europe and headquarters in Netherlands. We have been operating on the Czech market since 2004. We secure external financing of projects and development investments with a particular focus on European funds, community programs administered by the European Commission and investment incentives. Our primary specialization is research and development projects, the field of transport and energetics. We also deal with many other areas.

We help our clients with projects worth from 1 million CZK to several billions. We cooperate with small innovative companies, as well as with multinational corporates.

We have offices in Prague and Brno.

  • 2004
    We have been operating on the Czech market since 2004.
  • 30 billion
    We have obtained more than CZK 30 billion for our clients.
  • 1000
    More than 1000 realized projects.

Grants, tax incentives and investment financing

We obtain external funds for our clients from grant programs and other sources. We help them with project administration.

Our specialty

  • Innovation

    We manage to obtain grants with more than 90% success rate in the area of research-development and innovation projects. We have dozens of completed projects and many others that are currently still being implemented.

  • Transport

    We are one of the few companies in Central Europe focused to transport projects and have long-term experience with the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program.

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  • Energy savings

    We have also prepared dozens of projects aimed on energy savings and renewable resources.

We always implement the project to the end

We cover the entire project cycle. We will help you choose a suitable program and assess the conditions in detail. We will guide you through the preparation of all documentation for the application. After that, we will implement the project with you to a successful end. Not only until the subsidy is paid into the account, but until the end of the sustainability period.

  1. Identification
  2. Application preparation
  3. Tender
  4. Realization

We will take over administration and reporting

We create business plans, cost-benefit analyses and, of course, we help with the tenders. We review your investment plans. We will help you maximize the benefit that grants and incentives for entrepreneurs bring and reduce the administrative burden for our clients

Transport projects

Specialization in the field of transport projects is one of our biggest strengths. We work for the largest Czech railway carriers and participated in the modernization of multimodal terminals in Central Europe worth several billion CZK. We cover both construction projects and projects focused on technologies in transport.

We have successfully managed projects from the TEN-T, CEF, Marco Polo, OPD, SFDI, IROP and others.

Our reference projects

  • Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s.

  • RegioJet a.s.

  • Leo Express Global a.s.

  • PKP Cargo International a.s.

  • PKP Cargo International a.s.

  • Ostravská dopravní společnost Cargo, a.s.

  • CZ Logistics , a.s.

  • Subterra a.s.

  • GW Train Regio

  • JARO Česká Skalice, s.r.o.

  • IDS CARGO a.s.

  • PKP Cargo International a.s.

  • Hrochostroj a.s.

  • České přístavy, a.s.

  • Advanced World Transport




  • Albert
  • LeoExpress
  • Subterra
  • Magna
  • Nestlé
  • Best
  • Billa
  • Explosia
  • ŽSSK Cargo
  • Smiths Medical
  • PKP CARGO International
  • John Crane
  • Makro
  • TART
  • Techniserv
  • ANAJ
  • LD Seating
  • Hoxter
  • Cylinders holding
  • lundegaard
  • GW Train regio
  • Agrikomp
  • České Přístavy
  • CSG
  • Kutná Hora
  • SOŠ SOU Nymburk
  • Economia
  • Penny Market
  • Pyrotek
  • ERA
  • Město Hulín
  • Regiojet


  • Michal Bartal
    Michal Bartal

    Managing Director

  • Michal Dedek
    Michal Dedek


  • Jana Vozdecká
    Jana Vozdecká

    Senior Consultant

  • Vendula Martínková
    Vendula Martínková

    Senior Consultant

  • Tomáš Kubeša
    Tomáš Kubeša

    Senior Consultant

  • Lucie Trčková
    Lucie Trčková

    Senior Consultant

  • Nikola Dzurendová
    Nikola Dzurendová

    Senior Consultant

  • Karolína Krystková
    Karolína Krystková


  • Roman Novotný
    Roman Novotný

    Senior Consultant

  • Petra Podroužková
    Petra Podroužková

    Senior Consultant

Our international team of experts

Thanks to local representation throughout Europe, we are always close to you.

  • Christian Rebernig Rakousko
    Christian Rebernig
  • Tomasz J. Hoffmann Polsko
    Tomasz J. Hoffmann
  • Kvetoslava Papanová Slovensko
    Kvetoslava Papanová
  • Gerben van der Wal Nizozemsko
    Gerben van der Wal
  • Zsolt Szekeres Maďarsko
    Zsolt Szekeres
  • Varsha Ramlal Nizozemsko
    Varsha Ramlal
  • John Devonald Velká Británie
    John Devonald
  • Magdalena Mróz Polsko
    Magdalena Mróz
  • Guus Stevens Nizozemsko
    Guus Stevens


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